Statistical Analysis with Excel 2010

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D2iTech deliver this program as a 2 days workshop.

Day 1, 6hrs session introduces Concepts in Statistics and

Day 2, 6hrs Applying Statistical Concepts with Microsoft Excel.

The contents are comparable to the ones taught at US/UK/international Universities for their MBA programs, realistic examples with interpretations incorporated. Delegates attended an  MBA program before will benefit d2iTech course as an industry or refresher  training,  and  first-time learners will get an opportunity to understand   the subject  Statistics and the power of Microsoft Excel as a Statistical Analysis Tool. Your query will be welcomed to know more about this workshop.

 Given below an overview of the topics covered.

  Business Statistics

  •    Variables & Values
  •       Scales of Measurement
  •       Frequency Distributions
  •       Measures of Central Tendency (Clustering Property)
  •       Measures of Dispersion (Variability)
  •       Correlation (How variables move jointly)
  •       Contingency Tables (Classify Jointly)
  •       Probability Distributions
  •       Sampling Distributions
  •       Confidence Interval Estimation
  •       Hypothesis Testing
  •       Analysis Of Variance
  •       Regression/Time series/Forecasting
    Business Statistics with Microsoft excel


  •      Descriptive Measures
  •       Moving Average
  •       Random Number Generation
  •       Correlation
  •       Covariance
  •       ANOVA
  •       Regression
  •       Rank & Percentile
  •       Histogram
  •       Sampling
  •       t Test - Paired Two sample for Means
  •       Z Test - Two samples for Means